The self-contained, simpatico duo of Jim Ouska and Jane Aleckson cover loads of stylistic ground on their winning new CD, Jim & Jane. The generous 16-track album gracefully segues from lovey-dovey duets to groovy old-school bar blues to challenging Lambert, Hendricks & Ross-style vocalese to neo-country gospel. The original songwriting impresses…
          Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis StarTribune
Jim Ouska and Jane Aleckson’s latest CD catches moments of life that can soothe, inspire, tell a story, or make you want to dance. Their musical styles won’t lull into predictability as they vary all the way from the jazzy to gospel to country… a wonderful result of two people who know how to build on each other’s talents…
          Kathy Stahl - Spectrum West, Wisconsin Public Radio
Musicians don't reach the level of mastery evident in A Pocket Full of Tunes without years spent honing their craft... as impressive as their rhythms are their vocals, which blend as easily as their instrumentation. Aleckson displays a har-monic sophistication found only in the most accomplished jazz singers. The 12 cuts exhibit Ouska's and Aleckson's extraordinary range.
          Bill Stieger - VILLAGER St. Paul, MN
“A smooth jazz infused trip around the musical horn. So original and rich.”
          Jan Lee, Artistic Director, Stage North, Washburn WI
…Jane and Jim are now playing as a duo and it’s funky and soulful and hip and bluesy and it rocks! Great original songs. Tight harmony vocals. Hot guitar solos. Groovy tunes. I love being in their audience as much as I love sitting in!
          Randy Sabien
Great late night bluesy jazz playing.
          Northland News Reader Weekly - Duluth, MN